Vincent Cox is the personification of caring for his community

While advancing an extensive career with AT&T, Vincent added public service to his workload when voters elected him to serve on Gretna’s City Council.
Vincent wasted no time making a difference. Following his life motto to “create trails where others have not been,” Vincent helped bring us:
  • Mel Ott Multipurpose Center
  • Gretna City Park
  • BMX Track that is a world-class facility
  • Gretna City Park Observatory
  • Improved Zoning laws
  • Preservation of Gretna by developing a Historic District
  • The most extensive drainage program of its time
Vincent left the Gretna City Council in 2013 but not before leaving his indelible stamp on Gretna’s quaint and serene quality of life. 
Vincent was considered then, and still is today, the architect of the City’s forward-leaning Recreation Department. He created programs for parents and children to enjoy. He developed areas for play and learning for children with disabilities. He increased recreational opportunities for all kids regardless of their family’s financial status. In short, Vincent Cox was a champion for our children.
Retired from his days in corporate America, Vincent is once again ready to give back his time and resources to his community. With him representing us in the State Legislature, we can expect big wins for Gretna and Terrytown, and a collaborative effort between City and State government. Vincent has a unique ability to get things done, even when they don’t seem possible. There is little doubt that he will find new trails to blaze for us in the halls of State government.  
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About Vincent:

Proud graduate of Archbishop Shaw High School in 1977. Married to Shari Cox. Shari attended  Archbishop Blenk and graduated in 1978. Vincent and Shari have been married for 46 years and have one son, one daughter and four grandsons! 

“At the age of 27, I decided to run for the Gretna City Council when I saw many things in Gretna in decline. Through hard work and perseverance, things began to change in Gretna for the better. 

“Shari and I also volunteered at Mel Ott Park and have chaired the St. Cletus fair. I led an outdoor skills program for the youth of Gretna introducing them to the great outdoors! Through it all, I became the founding President of the Archbishop Shaw Alumni Association. I’ve devoted much of my life to my community and will continue this devotion as the next State Representative for District 85.”

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